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Group Classes

Your puppy can join the preschool from 10 weeks old. Upon graduation, you can move forward to puppy school and university, to master all techniques and tricks!


Whether you’re unsure which training path will be best for your pooch, or you simply need advice on a particular issue – the one-off consultations and assessments are the an ideal solution.

Future Dog

Let Dr Dog help you decide on the right breed, home setup and training routines for your Future Dog!

Services in detail

Group Classes


Dr Dog Puppy Preschool is run in partnership with VetLife Wanaka. The 4-week course is designed to introduce new puppy owners to the basics of dog training, canine behaviour and the tools & accessories to help keep your pup safe and happy.

The Puppy Preschool classes are available to all new dog owners of puppies which have been cleared by their vet to join the group and can be booked through VetLife Wanaka.

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You can use the consultation as a once-off aid for you and your pooch, or work with Dr Dog to develop a unique program designed around you and your dog.

The consultation and assessments are most often used to:

  • Help new dog owners create a safe and future-proofed environment for their puppy in their home, garden or car;
  • Introduce tools and accessories appropriate for a specific dog breed and training objectives;
  • Address any challenging behaviour issues;
  • Introduce new training techniques and tools;
  • Reinforcement of already known commands against distractions and new settings;
  • Overall analysis of dog’s abilities and behaviour.

Get in touch with Dr Dog to arrange your one-on-one session!

Future Dog


Getting a new dog is very exciting, but also challenging. You have to consider many factors, including:

  • Your living arrangements
  • Your family, other pets and animals
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your physical (and often mental!) ability
  • Your idea of what the future life with the dog would look like

New dog owners need to decide on the breed, age, whether to bring a puppy or a rescue dog to their home, how to dog-proof their property and introduce the new addition to family and friends. Doing the research and planning for the new dog is hugely important if they are to form a healthy bond with their owners and grow up in a happy and stimulating environment.
We see too many dogs given up or living sad lives because their owners did not do the necessary research or put in the work required to settle the pup into their new life. We want all dogs to be loved, that’s why Dr Dog is now offering one-off consultations for those considering a new dog!

During the consultation we go over details of your daily life, your hobbies and routines you’re attached to. We learn about your property, your ideas of how the dog will fit in with the family and who will be engaging with the dog or be responsible for their training. From here, we provide you with a recommendation on dog breeds which would fit your expectations, their behavioural and health traits and other aspects to consider. We also provide you with a list of equipment and toys best suited for your pup. Finally we finish this off with tips and tricks on introducing your pup to their new home and family smoothly – so that you can start developing everlasting bond and a drive to please from day one!

Consultation details: $120 incl. in-person consultation and follow up recommendations
Consultation time: 1.5hrs (excl. travel time)

Happy clients

Here’s what our happy clients had to say about Dr Dog services:

Within a day of Matt’s visit we’ve seen an immediate difference in our ability to recall Leila, even in the most distracting scenarios. Matt’s passion for helping dog owners and their dogs is truly inspiring. When he left we all felt so much more confident in what we needed to be doing and the overall experience was so positive.

Maggie & Leila

Matt has a wonderful way of connecting with dogs and our 3-year-old lab adores him. Even with an older dog, Matt was able to reinforce many of the commends we practices with Baxter over the years and strengthen his recall against various distractions.

Agata & Baxter

Matt is great at explaining the training, makes it fun, provides good feedback and awesome homework. He is patient and has a natural, kind and wonderful way with dogs. I highly recommend getting Dr Dog in for a private session to help us humans learn how to get the best out of our amazing dogs.

Anna & Stanley

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