Dr Dog Training and Consultations Terms and Conditions

  1. Dr Dog requires for your dog to:
    • Be registered with the local Council and have a current tag on their collar;
    • Have all vaccinations up to date.
  2. Dr Dog must be notified of any pre-existing medical or behaviour conditions ahead of the first consultation. In particular, any aggression issues towards humans, dogs or other animals.
  3. Dr Dog must be notified if your female dog is in season ahead of the planned training session.
  4. Dr Dog will take every responsibility and precaution with your dog and treat it with the love and care he treats his own hounds; however it is the responsibility of the owner to have the dog insured for injury.

Disclaimer and Weaver  

No guarantee is given on Dr Dog training programs. Every dog is an individual and the success of any training program is dependent on the owner/handler’s interaction, relationship, and most importantly the amount of practice, and level of commitment. Dr Dog has no way of controlling these factors outside of the scheduled training sessions and therefore cannot guarantee any final results.

I understand that my participation in any of Dr Dog’s training classes or private training includes an element of risk for me, attending family members and my dog, which includes, without limitation, risk of illness, falls, bites and injury through contact with other people or dogs who may or may not be participants in training, or interior/exterior surroundings of any facility or public place where training takes place. I, and attending family members, individual, and on behalf of their respective heirs, assigns or successors, hereby expressly waive, release and discharge Matt Gunn and Dr Dog from and claims, demands, injuries, damages or causes of action that are in any way related to participation in the training, even though such liability may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons named in this disclaimer.

All Dr Dog clients are required to agree to Terms & Conditions and the Weaver and acknowledge the Disclaimer.